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Satellite Data and Communications Services during Catastrophic Events

"Communications where there is none"


OFFICE: 833-NCC-INET (833-622-4638)

Flexible Data and Internet Service for
Catastrophic Events

911iNET has been delivering mission critical internet and data service to first responders and other public safety organizations in North America. Our 2nd generation VSAT network is designed with the needs of critical public safety organizations in mind. With our solutions first responders can react quickly, stay connected, and complete their mission.

With 911iNET dual geo-redundant teleports and the UHP advantage 911iNET is uniquely positioned to offer ultra-high availability VSAT solutions at unmatched price to performance ratios.

Lowest Latency

Our network is built to provide the lowest possible geo-stationary satellite latency of 550ms on average. About 10% faster then competing networks.

Flexible Design

All applications have unique requirements. 911iNET’s flexible network architecture allows us to realize custom solutions for all projects.

High Availability

Our highly redundant and adaptive network allows us to provide industry leading availability included with all our solution offerings at no additional cost.

Real Performance

Forget terms like ‘up to’ when talking about network speeds. 911iNET provides low contention VSAT services to ensure burst rates stay high always.

Cost Effective

911iNET provides high burst rates with pay per GB pricing for all types of service. This allows customers to purchase only the satellite capacity that they need.

MESH Architecture

The leader in satellite MESH architecture 911iNET is uniquely positioned to provide this solution. Cut site to site latency by half vs our competitor.



This system can be linked to your current LMR platform and deployed as extra radio in any event that calls for multiplying your available radio system. It can be deployed within minutes after arrival. 

Don't get caught without everyone on your Incident being available to communicate back to command. This will rectify agencies being on different systems without being able to communicate during the event.

Dispatchers are too busy during an event to relay information across different centers. These are available anytime you believe they will be necessary. These units are also available for sale with everything you need to set up on site.


Why Do You Need a VSAT Solution for Disasters?

Internet Access

Internet access is an important part of a data connectivity solution. 911iNET’s Disaster Services VSAT provides burst speeds up to 8mbps x 2mbps. Provided in a low contention network with dynamic committed data rate, our internet service provides snappy page loading and strong streaming performance.

Seamless Fail-Over

Our public safety VSAT solution can be used either as a primary communication path or as a backup resiliency option. Seamless fail-over between 4G/5G/fiber and VSAT is available through 911iNET. Protect yourself from regional service disruptions. Our per GB monthly pricing makes it easy to size a service plan for your specific use case.


Telephone service may be the most important communication tool available. Our VoIP solution for public safety provides 10 digit dialing and all the basic VoIP features you’ve come to expect. ODN also offers at no charge Meshed services allowing site to site VoIP calls to have half the latency of competing VSAT solutions.

Private Network

With a VSAT solution from 911iNET it becomes very easy to connect to your organizations private network. Either through traditional VSAT services or with our Mesh services we make it easy to gain access to your sensitive private network information. Continue to operate normally even after a regional telecom disruption.

Public Safety Meshed VSAT Network

Since 2019 911iNET has operated the only Meshed VSAT network designed for public safety. MESH offers significant advantages to first responders and other public safety organizations by reducing the latency and bandwidth consumption of site to site communications.

Mesh Advantages
  • 525ms site to site latency.

  • 50% reduction in site to site bandwidth consumption.

  • Site to site communication not fully reliant on shared VSAT teleport.

  • Highly secure P2P connectivity.

  • No need for teleport backhaul circuits or VPNs for private networks.

  • Creates highly available interoperable network connectivity.

  • Basic mesh connectivity is available at no extra charge.

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