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who are we?

how expensive is it?

911iNET is a private Public Safety Communications Center that provides two-way radio solutions to public safety agencies and private customers. We utilize a Mission Critical PTT Over Cellular (POC) radio to allow us to provide better coverage in even the most rural areas as compared to standard UHF, VHF, or 800mhz radios. Our customers range from federal agencies, police, fire, emergency medical services, to even private security companies and utility companies. Our Center located in Phenix City, AL has the ability to dispatch and call take for all of our customers nationwide should they need us to. We also have customers who strictly dispatch through our center with our professionally trained staff ready to deal with any situation.

Our radios are priced competitively in order to allow us to offer our services to customers who have tighter budgets. Our monthly prices vary from there depending on the level of service you may need. Our radios do not require any repeaters to be setup in your area, therefore the price you see is the price you pay a month per radio. There are no hidden fees or setup fees, with the exception of customers ordering more than 50 radios. Trust us, you'll pay less than you ever did with any of our competitors. That includes Motorola, Harris, and Kenwood, and these guys don't even offer dispatch services. We've got you covered.

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Where do WE offer coverage?

Our radios use agnostic sim cards allowing us to give you coverage anywhere Cellular providers have coverage. In other words, you're covered everywhere. Our radios have even been used during Catastrophic Events in areas where there was no cell coverage but our radios still were able to pick up enough bandwidth to transmit and receive without a problem.

Below is a list of our frequencies and bands:

Wireless LTE:

700 MHz Band 13 1700/2100 MHz Band 4 1900 MHz Band 2

Wireless LTE:

700 MHz Band 12, 13, 29 850 MHz Band 5 1700/2100 MHz Band 4 1900 MHz Band 2 2600 MHz Band 30


700 MHz Band 12 1700/2100 MHz Band 4 1900 MHz Band 2


850 MHz Band 26 1900 MHz Band 25 2500 MHz Band 41

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