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911Cell Tower Call Routing

OFFICE: 833-NCC-INET (833-622-4638)

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Americans expect that when placing a wireless 911 call, the call will be directed to, and answered by, the public safety answering point (PSAP) that has the ability to promptly dispatch aid to the caller’s location. Currently, most wireless 911 calls are routed through the cell site (tower) where the call is received and are sent to the PSAP associated with that cell site. Sometimes, however, the 911 call is sent to the wrong PSAP because the cell site where the call was received is not in the same jurisdiction as the 911 caller. Each time a wireless 911 call is routed to one PSAP and must be transferred to another, the call transfer process consumes time and resources, and the process ultimately delays the ability of first responders to reach the scene of the emergency.











Location-based routing technologies allows carriers to route wireless 911 calls based on location information gathered from the handset, rather than the location of the cell tower.  In many situations it is now be feasible to route wireless 911 calls directly to the correct PSAP based on more precise information about the caller’s location.

We at 911iNET have the technology to assist jurisdictions with correctly mapping cell towers and how to properly route 911 calls to your PSAP. 

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