This seat organizer comes in a very officer-friendly package which secures itself in front of your passenger seat using two hooks that go over the seat. It comes with a printer which is enclosed in the bottom portion of the seat organizer and it is all in one piece. There is also a scanner for drivers licenses at the bottom of the top section. It is in used but working condition and includes a scanner for drivers licenses as well. The printer included is a PocketJet brand printer and all required cables are included. Drivers for the printer are available online.



  • Rugged Case
  • Full Size Seat Organizer
  • Several Pockets
  • Flashlight Holder
  • Handcuff Holder
  • Clipboard Holder
  • Easily Installs and Removes
  • Included Printer
  • Included Scanner

In-Car Seat Organizer With Printer

  • The seat organizer may have some slight variations in the setup and you may not receive the exact one pictured but that all have the same features.

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